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Redemption: The Armoire Series - Book Two

Redemption: The Armoire Series - Book Two

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Redemption: The Armoire Series - Book Two

171 pages
2 hours
May 11, 2019


Nicole, a teenager from Wisconsin, has been left behind in the Rapture. Everyone she loves is gone. Crime has become rampant. Chaos has erupted all over the world. Leaders have disappeared. The stage is set for the Antichrist to step onto the scene. She can no longer stay at home and needs to seek shelter from the coming wars. She befriends others like her, and they band together to survive. Reaching a breaking point, she takes things into her own hands and now has to be on the run from the new world leader’s regime. Something she clings to in times of need is the gift that her mother left her, a feather from her guardian angel, Abia. He helps to guide her in her purpose, but cannot offer her comfort in response to her most pressing question – “Why can’t I come home now?” Will she press on and fight the good fight, or will she be too weary to fulfill her destiny?

May 11, 2019

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Book Preview

Redemption - Ione Joy


Nicole leaned against the headboard, shaking. Yours? The feather is yours?

Yes, Nicole.

How do you know my name?

I know much about you. Your mother and I are acquainted.

My mom? How do you know her?

The Father sent me on a mission to help show Maxine her purpose in life.

The Father? You mean, God?


OK, she said, confused. Then why are you appearing to me?

It was at your mother's request.

What? Why?

Maxine was given the opportunity to glance into the future and see what was to come of the world after the Rapture. One of the things she was shown........was you.

She knew I'd be left behind? She knew and didn't tell me?

She did everything she could to prevent it. If she would have told you, would you have believed her?

Nicole glared at Abia for a moment, and then looked away. No.

She asked me to be available to you during this time.

Nicole's eyes slowly drifted back toward him. In the.......tribulation period?


Her eyes filled with tears. I remember hearing about it in church and how awful it'll be, especially for those that become Christians.

There has never been a time like it, nor will there ever be another.

I'm going to die, aren't I?

As much as I'd like to tell you no……it is a possibility.

Nicole closed her eyes and shook her head. Well, I won't renounce God, again. No matter what. And if it means death, then that's what it means!

Abia smiled. Nicole, you remind me a lot of your mother.

Nicole grabbed the necklace around her neck and squeezed her mother's ring in her hand. I wish I could go back and do things differently. I gave Mom and Dad such a hard time. She lowered her head. That wasn't even me. I don't know why I did it. Then she sat forward and looked at Abia. Can the devil really make us do things?

He can certainly influence, but the steps you take are ultimately up to you.

She hung her head. So, what happens now? What am I supposed to do? Everyone I loved is gone. I have nothing.

Nicole, the time remaining is very brief and much will happen during it. What do you believe is of the utmost importance right now?

To make things right with God.

Abia smiled and nodded. That should be what's most important to everyone, but unfortunately, it is not.

Maybe they just need some guidance.

Indeed, Nicole, they do.

I can help them!

You most certainly can.

But, how will I get them to listen to me? Have you seen it outside? It's chaos! People are robbing houses; guns are being fired. I have a feeling they won't want to hear it.

This is an age-old problem, Nicole. Some have hardened hearts and refuse to heed God's Word. For those, you can pray. But many others have softened hearts, who are desperate for hope.

Yeah, she nodded, and her eyes were pulled towards Abia's sparkling wings. What's your name?


Abia. Unusual, but pretty cool.

Thank you, Nicole. I like your name, as well.

It's common.

Yet it comes with such powerful meaning.

What do you mean?

"Your name means victory of the people."

Wow. I never knew that.

Abia smiled. Everything has a purpose.

Nicole's brow crinkled, slightly. Yeah. After a moment, she asked, So, my family, they're all in heaven?

They are.

And......my baby?

She's there, too. She spends a lot of time with your mother.

Nicole cried and laughed at the same time. She does?

Yes. She's very happy.

Good, Nicole said, wiping her eyes. I'd rather her be there than here right now. It won't be any place for a child.

Abia clenched his jaw and looked down.

So, I can call on you when I need to by picking up your feather?

He nodded.

Thank you.

My pleasure, Nicole. May God be with you on this journey.

Then he was gone. Nicole sat on the bed for a while, gazing at the feather and running her fingers over it. Eventually, she locked it back up in the armoire and strung the key on her necklace. She took a deep breath, then laid her forehead against the armoire.

A moment later, she walked back to her room and leaned against the doorway. There was a crib in the corner with bags of baby clothes in it. She opened a bag and held up a onesie that had Mama's Little Angel on it.

Literally, she said, as her eyes filled with tears. She let out a deep breath. I wish I got to know you first, hold you, feed you, play with you. Got the chance to be your momma.

BLAM! BLAM! Nicole jumped from the sound of gunshots from outside. She ran to each room, turning out the lights and making sure all of the windows and doors were locked. That night, she took a flashlight and a kitchen knife with her to the master room. She slid open the walk-in closet door, made a bed on the floor, then closed the door behind her. She turned on the flashlight and laid it on the floor. She put the knife under her pillow, then laid down and pulled the covers up over her. As she stared at the back of the door, her tears began to fall. It escalated to crying so hard she could barely breathe, to tapering off to a whimper, and then back, again. It went on for three hours. Finally, she cried herself to sleep.

BAM! BAM! Nicole sat straight up. BAM! BAM! She slowly opened the closet and grabbed the knife from under her pillow. It was barely daybreak. She slinked to the doorway and looked the hall. Seeing no one, she tiptoed down it to find where the noise was coming from. BAM! The front door, she whispered. She looked out the peephole and saw a man wearing a hooded, black sweatshirt, trying to pry the door open with a crowbar, then ramming his body into the door.

I've got a gun! she yelled.

The man stopped. After a moment, he turned around and walked to an old, blue Chevy Malibu parked across the street. When he got to his car, he turned back to look at the house. As he stood there glaring at it, Nicole's breathing became more rapid. Finally, he got into his car and drove away.

He'll be coming back, Nicole whispered. She put her hands on the door to support herself, as she tried to calm down. "Do we have a gun?"

Next, she went looking around the house for something better to defend herself with. Not having any luck, she decided to check in the attic. She pulled the string to the attic opening in the hallway ceiling and let down the ladder. She headed up it, carrying the flashlight with her. When she climbed in, she saw something long and black a few feet away. Careful to crawl on the beams, she made her way over to it. A pellet rifle? she said. A box of pellets was sitting next to it. OK, this will do. She grabbed the rifle and pellets and headed back down. Then she sat on the living room floor and loaded the rifle. Trying to relax, Nicole went to kitchen to make some coffee and get a bite to eat. She flipped on the TV.

The Secretary General of the United Nations has gone missing, the newscaster reported. The U.N., assuming he vanished with countless others, is scrambling to find a replacement. Secretariat, Frederick Lindholm of Germany, addresses the cabinet.

Fellow leaders, friends, this is a very difficult time for us and for the world. Things we cannot yet fully explain have happened, and the world is looking to its leadership for guidance. I vow to find out what occurred. But more importantly, we must remain focused, steadfast in our resolve to bring peace from the chaos and to assure the people they are safe. I, Frederick Lindholm, will do everything in my power to make sure our way of life is not just preserved, but bettered. I see a future where we all come together as one: one mindset, one government body, one set of laws, one nation. Imagine what we can accomplish if we all come together, working side by side with each other. This is my dream for us: a better world, a better future. Let us choose today what is best not only for us, but for generations to come. Let us choose........strength.

The cabinet all stood in applause.

Compelling speech by the Secretariat, the newscaster said. The U.N. will be looking for a new Secretary General. I don't know about you, but I think Frederick Lindholm will fit the bill. Sarah, back to you.

Nicole sat silently at the kitchen table, staring at the TV. For when they shall say peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, she whispered. She sat back and pushed her cereal bowl away from her. It's starting already.

After a few days, things had calmed some outside. Nicole went to the kitchen and opened the cupboards. She let out a sigh. I’m running out of food. She walked over to the window and looked out. It was early evening. Maybe I can run to the mini mart real quick and get back before dark. She grabbed her dad’s wallet and car keys, then headed out.

When she pulled up to the store, she gasped. The glass doors and windows had been busted out, and the inside was trashed. She slowly got out of her car and proceeded inside with caution. She stepped over piles of glass and damaged packaged goods all over the floor. She looked over at the register, but no one was there. OK, I guess this stuff is free today, she said. The lights in the store were blinking on and off. Nicole took a deep breath and started down an aisle. There wasn’t a lot left on the shelves, but enough to get her by. She began grabbing items, holding as much as she could. Then she heard a clang. Her head whipped around. Who’s there? she said. She heard it, again. Nicole was frozen with fear. She began to hear glass being stepped on and crushed. I’m armed! she yelled, even though she wasn’t. Then a head peeked around the corner. Who are you? Nicole asked.

Nicole? a soft voice said.


It’s me, Beth, she said, as she stepped into the aisle.

Oh, my gosh. Beth! Nicole said, relieved. I’m so glad it’s you.

Beth ran up to Nicole and hugged her.

Hey, are you alright? Nicole asked.

Yeah, Beth said, as she let her go. I’m OK, I guess. How about you?

I’m surviving.

Did you lose anyone last week?

Yeah, my whole family, including…. Nicole placed her hand on her stomach.

Beth put her hand up over her mouth. You mean you had a miscarriage?

No. When I woke up that morning, she was just gone.

Beth’s eyes filled with tears. But how…. I’m so sorry, Nicole. I’m sorry for a lot of things.

Nicole smiled at her. It’s OK, Beth. I figured Jeff had a hand in it.

Beth nodded. I shouldn’t have listened to him, though.

How about you? Did you lose anyone?

My little brother. My parents went looking for him and haven’t come back yet. I’m worried.

Nicole put her hand on Beth’s shoulder to comfort her.

What do you think happened, Nick?

The Rapture.


I know you didn't go to church much, but it was Jesus. He came back and gathered up all those who asked Him into their hearts and didn’t stray from Him, along with all children…….and took them home, just like the Bible said He would.


Nicole looked up.

Beth shook her head. You think that’s what really happened?

I know it is.

You knew? If you knew, why are you still here?

I strayed, Beth, Nicole said, getting choked up. And I’ve regretted it every day since.

Beth hugged Nicole, again. "Well, I don’t know what to believe,

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