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The Keeper Of Hell's Gate (The Revelation, Volume 1)

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Antipus, a guard seraph in the realm of the gods had instigated and led a rebellion, seeking to dethrone the god-heads and establish his reign as god over all, a rebellion which had ultimately given birth to ‘evil' as the gods and all of their subjects would come to know it, even long after Antipus, bearing the title ‘father of evil', and his cohorts, had been defeated, tried and sentenced to a thousand years in Hell's realm; a realm invented to separate the good and loyal seraphs, called the forces of light, from those regarded as disloyal and the offspring of evil, termed as the forces of darkness.
But then everything had changed, for two great opposing and contending powers now existed, the beginning of all things good and evil. Humans were but an imagination during the first war of the gods, but the second, humans, although oblivious of the ugly contention between these two mighty forces, will feel the brunt of Antipus' vengeful wrath most, come the hour of his soon coming liberty—but not unless the forces of light can help it.
Such a great and crucial task had now fallen upon one mere mortal—Valour, the chosen son.

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