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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Two-A (The Great Novellas)

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A must-read for any science fiction fan, The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Two (published in two volumes, A & B) is a compilation of twenty-two of the best novellas published between 1895 and 1962.

The two volumes were originally published in 1973 (Two-A) and 1974 (Two-B) after the stories were selected by a vote of the membership of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA, now known as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).

Volume Two-A has complete novellas by the following authors:

Poul Anderson
John W. Campbell, Jr.
Lester del Rey
Robert A. Heinlein
C. M. Kornbluth
Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore
Eric Frank Russell
Cordwainer Smith
Theodore Sturgeon
H. G. Wells
Jack Williamson

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