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Going Too Far: The Kylxon Chronicles, #3

145 pages2 hours


The testing never stops. But doesn't the Kylxon candidate deserve a day off? His mysterious, and dead, ancestors continue to challenge thirteen-year-old Pack in their efforts to determine if he is to be the next Kylxon, their powerful leader. Following a narrow escape from the clutches of the evil Balford Memmer, Sydney and Kanata talk Pack into enjoying a little fun and relaxation. But their day off soon turns out to be more deadly than amusing. Balford Memmer is determined to steal Kanata's inheritance, and Pack's ancestors believe in live-fire exercises. When Sydney's life is suddenly in danger, Pack throws all his Kylxon training out the window and forges his own path to save her, never knowing his path's shocking destination. Book three in the "The Kylxon Chronicles", a fantasy adventure about a reluctant hero.

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