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Your Next Level Life: 7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America (Gift for black women)
Your Next Level Life: 7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America (Gift for black women)
Your Next Level Life: 7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America (Gift for black women)
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Your Next Level Life: 7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America (Gift for black women)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

There's your current life. And then… there's Your Next Level Life.

It's time to bring your career, income, lifestyle, and legacy to a whole new level with this motivational book by Karen Arrington—award-winning humanitarian and philanthropist and founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant. No more playing small. It’s time to level up!

In Your Next Level Life, Karen asks readers, “How big do you want to live?” She en-courages women to channel their inner Beyoncé, reach for the stars, and never settle for a life of invisibility, poverty, or mediocrity.

Karen outlines seven rules of power, confidence, and opportunity for black women—showing readers "how to create all the money you need” through grants, scholarships, awards, sponsorship deals, and entrepreneurial projects, “how to position yourself like a star” featuring tips from a makeup guru whose clientele includes Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, “how to find your Next Level friends” and connect with powerful women you’ve always dreamed of meeting, and more.

Your Next Level Life is an inspiring quick-read that will get women everywhere asking, “What’s my Next Level Life?” If you’re ready to set ambitious goals and dramatically up-grade your quality of life, Karen is here to guide the way.
Release dateMay 15, 2019
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Karen Arrington

Karen Arrington is the founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant. More than a pageant, it's a movement—celebrating the talents and achievements of today's black women and awarding over $450,000 in college scholarships each year. Since founding the pageant in 1986, Karen has mentored over 1,000 young women, helping them get into top medical schools, land major modeling and recording contracts, secure life-changing grants and sponsorship deals, and more. In addition to running the pageant, Karen is a philanthropist and humanitarian whose work has touched millions of lives.  She’s the co-founder of Diabetes Awareness Day in West Africa and was named a Goodwill Ambassador to the Gambia and to the Re-public of Sierra Leone. Karen has received numerous awards including leadership awards from The Lifetime Network and Jones New York, the Trailblazer's Award by Zeta Phi Sorority (the highest award that is bestowed in this sorority which has over 21,000 members), Mary-land Black Mayors Honors for commitment and dedication to the community, and she was a Woman’s Day Magazine Red Dress Honoree along with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer. Karen has been interviewed in places like The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, Jet, and on BET. More info about Karen’s work can be found at karenarrington.com and missblackusa.org.

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Reviews for Your Next Level Life

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14 ratings5 reviews

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    This book really spoke to my soul! I am gifting copies to my tribe and using the rules to take my career to the next level. Such an empowering book that deserves 10 stars. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the valuable resources! This book is a MUST READ!
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Karen Arrington has written an empowering read for Black women. Through her friendly and straightforward tone, she lists seven rules to help Black women reach their next level life. Each of her rules, informs, inspires, and assists in creating a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and connection. This book will definitely give you the tools needed to accomplish your goals if you heed her wisdom and expertise.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    I saw this book listed on NBC news as one of the top 40 African American books and I see why. The author's advice and 7 rules of success can be applied to anyone wherever you are on your journey. I am so excited to step into my next level life. Cue: Girl on fire!

    1 person found this helpful

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    This book is like taking a Master Class on success. A quick inspirational read with so much value. I am already leveling up and the resources she shares like how to go to med school for free are game changer! My fave read so far of 2020!

    1 person found this helpful

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington contains seven simple rules that will improve your life once you follow them. This excellent motivational book will help you discover your superpowers, upgrade your circle of friends, create your own big opportunities, and more. It contains the right resources and practical advice that will help you level up right away.

    I loved Rule 2, "Find Your Next Level Friends," the most because, as Karen says, having a circle of sisters or being part of a tribe full of powerful women will only bring you to a whole new level of success. Overall, Your Next Level Life is a great read, especially for young women, as they need guidance the most.

    1 person found this helpful

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Your Next Level Life - Karen Arrington

Copyright © 2019 Karen Arrington.

Published by The Tiny Press, an imprint of Mango Publishing Group, a division of Mango Media Inc.

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Your Next Level Life: 7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication number: #######

ISBN: (print) 978-1-64250-032-5, (ebook) 978-1-64250-031-8

BISAC category code: SOC010000, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Feminism & Feminist Theory

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents



Rule #1

Identify Your Superpowers

Rule #2

Find Your Next Level Friends

Rule #3

Expand Your Horizons

Rule #4

Magnetize Money

Rule #5

Position Yourself like a Star

Rule #6

Keep It Real

Rule #7

Give Back from Day One

Are You Leveling Up?


About the Author


The year was 1977 when I first met Karen at the University of Maryland, College Park. She and I had decided to pledge the sisterhood of Zeta Phi Beta that fall. She was line sister one and I was line sister two. When I tell you it was friendship-love at first sight, please believe me. We made an instant connection fueled by our wit, stubbornness, and insatiable sense of humor. You see, Karen was very comfortable with the pledge process as her older brother was a Phi Beta Sigma man and went to the same college. I, on the other hand, knew very little about how and why being a part of this sisterhood could go on to shape the rest o f my life.

Karen was also the daughter of the mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. She came from a prominent family where both of her parents were high achievers and expected the same from their children. As Karen’s friend, I had no choice but to adopt those same high expectations and tried dearly to keep up with them. Truth be told, this was the foundation that carried me through to graduation when many of our freshman friends dropped out of college and went home early. Before either of us really could define what going to the Next Level meant, Karen was already taking me there.

Soon after graduation, Karen and I went in different directions. Her entrepreneurial route started with creating the Miss Black USA Pageant, an institution that is determined to, in Karen’s words, help Black women to claim their power, redefine their destinies, and defy expectations. Karen went on to create her own women’s leadership coaching, consulting, and luxury travel company where she continues to teach, groom, inspire, and support all who come into contact with her passion and brilliance.

As for me, I was determined to kick down doors to the boardrooms of corporate America and started my professional career in the pharmaceutical

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