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Walking In My Skin

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An involuntary misfit, due to her supposedly unique physical
appearance, resolute character and unusual speaking style,
life challenged her in many ways.

Wherever she went, questions were asked, assumptions were
made... only for other people’s comfort, to be placed in a box
that was never her choice.

She felt alienated and alone.

Along with such ordeals her life unraveled, losing people
whom she loved and cherished in rapid succession, including
coming close to losing the father of her children as well.

Born during the twilight decade of Apartheid, her family was
deported twice due to the Immorality Act, with everything
being taken from them. But who became this person? Who
was her family?

Why did she emigrate to a foreign country at a
young age? And would she find a sanctuary there for herself?

... and so the story unfolds.

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