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In the Time of the Caveman

44 pages38 minutes



Archaeologist Melissa is about to head out on the biggest expedition of her career... A new cave has been discovered in France which may hold a key to the past in more ways than one... Filled with prehistoric paintings and history, the cave also seems to be filled with magic. The leader of the excavation is the eccentric Dr. Quattro, who is certain one of his men has already been lost there and transported to another time. Melissa doesn't believe him, surely there must be a more reasonable explanation? 
But as she descends into the cave she feels the pull... and before she knows it she has been transported back in time to the Ice Age where she is saved by a handsome caveman she names Saber. 
Melissa is about to learn that time and space are no match for love and once she has spent the night with Saber, she doesn't think she can ever let him go...

This is a 10,600 word short story time travel romance

Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

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