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Georgia Bound: The Blue Ridge Mountain Series

76 pages54 minutes


Lola Rice, an experienced baker whom inherited the family pastry shop, learns one day the shop is no longer in business. After finding out the cause for the successful shop's closing, a sly deal made by the building owner, Lola decides it's time to start fresh with the little money she has left. 

Taking a risk and blindly throwing a dart on a map, it lands on the state of Georgia. With emotions still raw from losing the business, she researches an area worthy to start anew and bring the much loved family pastries to a new town. There, Lola hopes to establish new relationships with new people, however, she got much more than she bargained for.

Georgia Bound is a refreshing tale of starting over and overcoming unfortunate situations. This story will charm you with it's small town flavor and rich characters.

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