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Devourers of Souls

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There are beings in the world who work 24 hours to install the government of chaos on the planet, but the Creator also has his elect to defend the light. Soon it will be the Apocalypse and the land will be delivered for 7 years to the power of the children of chaos, but at this moment the beings of light will work hard defending the elect and creating shelters helping many to go through these 7 years of pain.

Yet at the end of the seven years, only ten percent of humanity will escape with life, for the Apocalypse will be terrible and shake the whole planet.

There is already a war between light and darkness, between the children of the Creator and the children of chaos, but the true open, physical war that will reap billions will only occur after the rapture of a hundred million people on earth in the event that scholars of the Bible call the coming of Christ.

Those who remain will remain the pain, the confrontation against the Antichrist. Those who take the mark of the Beast will have a false peace of three and a half years, but then they themselves will be reappeared in the events that will sweep the world.

And the war has already begun behind the scenes with the devourers of souls...

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