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Based On: A Non-Lawyer’s Guide to Acquiring Film and Televisions Rights from Everywhere

124 pages1 hour


Intended for any entertainment professional or filmmaker who has ever asked, "How do I get the motion picture and television rights to... something!" This guide answers questions such as, what are film and television rights, how do you track down the various kinds rights, how do you talk to agents or authors and begin to make a deal? This guide take you as far as you can go before hiring an entertainment attorney.

“In the ever-growing, ever-changing modern media landscape, intellectual property is king. But is it really possible for a neophyte writer, director, or producer to acquire the motion picture or television rights to a book, play, comic book, video game or life rights for real people? The answer is yes – and with this book, Ken Aguado tells you how. In clear and concise language intended for non-lawyers, ‘Based On’ explains how to track down rights-owners and negotiate the deals you will need to turn underlying material into movies and television shows... and in the process, give you that crucial advantage to succeed in an incredibly competitive industry.”
-Douglas J. Eboch (screenwriter, Sweet Home Alabama)

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