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The Secret to Long Life Revealed: Cheat Death with Nutraceuticals; Stay Practically Immortal: Nutraceuticals, #2

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How long can we possibly live? Did you know that you can rewind your biological clock, reverse aging and literally cheat death?

Medical science has continued  to defy the laws of biology, and today, age-reversal is not the stuff of science fiction, but a reality. After decades  of research, scientists have finally cracked the code in reversing your biological age.

The scientific secret comes down, first and foremost, to your mitochondria, which are  tiny power plants coded in each cell in your body to give you the energy you need to live and survive. They are energy generators in your body that enable all the functions and processes in your body. They power your thinking, growth, movement, repair, healing and so on.

According to Harvard researchers, mitochondria are the source of human life itself. They determine the exact length of your life--they tell your body, cell by cell, how long to live before it fails and dies. And every single disease is linked  to mitochondria, and they determine whether or not, you get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheiner's, and so on.

Failing mitochondria cause old age and many health challenges that plague mankind as he ages. They come under constant attack by free radicals from pollution, cell phone radiation, pesticides, and toxins in our food and water. As a result, they mutate, degrade and break down, losing their ability to provide energy. We thus go downhill very fast-- aging faster, becoming feeble, and ultimately, disease taking over our bodies.

What can you do about it?

It turns out that, the secret to reversing aging, stopping virtually every disease dead in its track, and staying biologically young lies in keeping your mitochondria strong, rejuvinated and  protected. Additionally, you must keep churning out new healthy mitochondria for your cells to function optimally.

This masterpiece eBook helps you stay on the cutting edge of the most important anti-aging information and knowledge to practically live an ultra long life in superb health. It's the true "fountain of youth".It will let you in on everything you need to know and do to stay practically immortal.

Inside, you will discover the secrets ot the Tabulta Vita, "The Book of Life" that powered Noah's healthy and lengthy life of 950 years. His kinsmen still exist on an island off the west-coast of modern day Turkey, still using the same secrets for extraordinally long life.You too can use the same secrets.

With the anti-aging secrets, you will:-

- Live a healthy, happy, long life, full of energy, vigor and vitality

-Sport the looks of a teenager--smooth, glowing, wrinkle-free skin

-Keep a razor-sharp mind, working perfectly like a Swiss clock

-Engage in activities that are "impossible" for your age--gardening, swimming, biking etc

-Not know a day of ill-health- your peers will envy you and want to know your secrets.

A surefire way to your 100th birthday, happy and as fit as a fiddle, ths is a treasure trove you cannot afford to live without! Don't second-guess--grab a copy for a longer, healthier and happier life just as God intended for you!

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