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Paige moves through the office, waving to a few of the partners and takes the elevator to the parking garage. A couple of other, male, tenants of the building ride down with Paige. After a few earlier complaints by Paige, they don’t say anything. Look, yes; say, no.
Paige drives home, parks in her garage, goes into her house, spends a brief time in the house adding a few personal items to an already packed suitcase. She then dresses in jeans, a tee shirt, a very flashy pair of high heel pumps and a light jacket. Paige then returns to the garage, wheeling the suitcase. She puts the suitcase into the trunk of her car. Paige gets in the car, fires the engine up, turns the stereo on and leaves.
Paige drives along surface streets and quickly gets onto the freeway North. She drives conservatively, but seems intent on getting where she’s going. Paige drives for perhaps two hours, then takes a rural exit. She very carefully checks for vehicles following her, as she exits the freeway. There’s no sign that she’s being followed.
A few miles down country roads and Paige pulls into the employee parking lot of Le Green Club.
Chapter 2: Friday Night
Big Amos, the head bouncer, has, once again, reserved Paige a parking spot in the little garage, near the trailers. Paige tips Amos and he rolls her suitcase into the best of three slightly dilapidated trailers. At the door, Amos pauses and calls out that he’s coming in. Amos then leads Paige into the trailer. Fans in the trailer roof move a little air, but the trailer is still a bit warm, after a hot day. There are girls in two of the dressing rooms, one of the girls is in the nude and sewing on a tiny g-string. The other girl is wearing panties and a very brief western skirt. She’s topless. Neither of the girls pay any attention to Amos or Paige, but continue as they were. Amos delivers Paige to her dressing room, then leaves.
Paige almost closes the door to her dressing room, then, remembering past complaints, leaves the door open, for air circulation. She makes a little face as she withdraws her hand from the door. (“Well, there will be no privacy, but, considering what I’m gonna do tonight, not too much affair.”) Paige opens her suitcase and then strips off her clothes, hanging them in a little closet. She extracts several outfits from the suitcase and then hangs them, one at a time, in the same little closet. As she extracts each outfit, she briefly holds it in front of her and inspects her image in the mirror. She finally selects a sheer baby doll nightie outfit. Paige puts on just the light blue nightie top plus a waist chain to hold tips. The nightie covers her, but doesn’t conceal her nipples or her very closely trimmed pubic hair, that proves she’s a real blonde. She removes several pairs of dark nylon stockings from the suitcase and locks them in a drawer in her dressing table. Paige thinks, (“Too much glamour for a Friday night!”)

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