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Power of Doing More

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About finding the power inside you to do more and live more.
Everybody wants to get the most of out of life. However, in this day and age of chaos, craziness and constant mayhem, many find it hard to find balance and happiness in their lives. There is always something happening that is sure to mess things up. No matter how hard you try to steer your life towards the direction where you want it to go, you always find the tide going against you.
This book will help you find happiness and balance in your life by redirecting to focus towards you. You have it in you the power to turn your life around. You have it in you the power to balance your life and be happy. You have it in you the power to do more, be more and live more.  
The book the "Power of doing more" will show you that finding happiness and balance in life is in fact, easy.

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