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Living Proof

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Lanie's parents are lost in the Bermuda Triangle and she hasn't started Christmas shopping. What else could go wrong? Oh yeah, someone is out to kill her.

With their adopted parents out of town researching their next book, her brothers, Harry and Pete, are staying with Lanie. Christmas is approaching, and that means shopping--which she hates. Even worse, Charlie and Rainbow have missed their last check-in call. While that has happened before, this time Lanie is starting to get worried.

Then the newspaper where she works gets a new owner, and Lanie gets shifted from the school sports beat to the lovelorn column. Despite all she does at her snarky best to get fired from the column, Lanie just can't win. Even worse, her new boss is a fan and wants to be friends.

Then a series of odd incidents start to pile up and get nasty. Prank phone calls and sabotage to her house are bad enough, but when her tires get slashed and someone tries to run her over, Lanie's not just worried, she's getting angry. Don't get a semi-pseudo-superhero angry. Especially when she's worried that her parents are lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and the friends looking out for her can get downright nasty.

Someone is out to get her, and as Lanie and her friends put the clues together, the mystery and the attempts to harm her just get more intense. She is living proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

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