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Fire in the Blood: Heritage of Liberty, #2

391 pages5 hours


2046 -- America and the world are mired deep in the swamp of corruption and despair...

Richmond Monroe, intrepid antiques hunter and Glock-wielding historian, has more important worries, though: A tree has crushed his warehouse. Worse, he's fresh out of cash to repair it. Low on options, he accepts a contract to recover an item for an eccentric ex-pat.

The artifact? A necklace of Confederate uniform buttons.

The job promises to be tricky, so culture broker and negotiator extraordinaire Myles Fremont rejoins Richmond to smooth the deal.

The trail takes them to West Virginia, where intrigue and feuds await. Drones battles, local rebellions, and run-ins with the Law are just part of a conflict that involves morbid secrets and monolithic conspiracies.

Richmond and Myles will learn if the state motto "Mountaineers are Always Free" still holds true in the Home of the Oppressed and the Land of the Enslaved.

If you enjoy action, appreciate history, and are a fan of American Pickers and Indiana Jones, grab your copy now!

(Fire in the Blood is the second of the Heritage of Liberty series. The volumes are episodic, meaning you don't have to read them in order.)

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