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The Rocky Stallone Story, Part 1

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Rocky Stallone’s storyline tells a chronological story of the man who for the most part of his life has been, continually mistaken for numerous Singers, and Motion Picture and Television Celebrities and who has made millions from having the same mannerisms’ looks, and to boot being, a twin to one celebrity in particular. The Rocky Stallone Story is beautiful, strong, compassionate, and moving. Unfortunately the telling of his story had to be, told in two parts; this is part 1.

Choosing to read the Rocky Stallone Story, be aware, you are about to set off down those same roads of twist and turns, the numerous loves, the hurts, and sacrifices that Rocky has traveled and you may at times find the wording of an offensive nature, if so, the Author apologizes for your sensitivities. For the stronger, it is a hope that you will find a story of passion, love, greed, sexual encounters, drugs, soul-searching, plus sadness as well as a story of tribulation over loss in addition to newfound feelings that led Rocky to triumph over diversity, whereby, through no choice of his, he had been, destined to live a life of ambiguity, anger, redemptive hope, and seemingly at times, genuine affection, yet, terrified occasionally by what he has been, forced to endure. If his dysfunctional family did not drive him nuts, there were his peers who repeatedly identified him, or mistook him, for several famous Celebrities reminiscent of Elvis Presley to Sylvester Stallone. For those who after reading part 1, wish to acquire an understanding of Rocky’s roots; his growth years; a must read, you will want to read part 2, ‘Living in his Shadow, the Early Years.’

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