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All About Two Years

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A short ebook from my relationship series and blog: "Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie" that is all about building an outstanding foundation for an outstanding Christian marriage. This ebook explains the most radical and controversial idea of my writings so far, the "Two Year Theory", that you should get to know someone for two full years before considering them romantically:
“... When discussing with my sister, she made a very obvious point. Namely this: who after all, can afford to wait for two years, checking someone out, in case they might be suitable? Well this is the thing. If you’re in a church, and there are various eligible singles, then it’s not as if you would check one person out exclusively for two years, then angrily cross them off your list, and go on to check out the next person. Rather, in the day to day or week to week interaction of church life, you would be getting to know everyone at once...”

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