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California Homecoming: California Coast Romance, #3

282 pages3 hours


She's a single pregnant college graduate who has purchased a rundown Victorian to create an inn on the California coast. He's a recently returned veteran, trying to recreate his life but hampered by physical injury and PTSD. Can they find a way past their wounds to trust each other?

Sarah Ladina dreamt of building a world-class destination inn with her boyfriend, Rick. Her unexpected pregnancy tore them apart when he wanted nothing to do with a baby. She decides to go it alone, but she may not be up to the job. She can't cook or fix a leaky faucet and in her condition landscaping is out of the question. Will she get the inn open in time to have this baby?

Hunter Evans' first plan after returning to his favorite town on California's Central Coast is to buy back his childhood home. But a pretty and pregnant woman beats him to it. Finding a job is tough and housing doesn't come cheap in Costanoa. His prosthetic leg allows him to run, but keeps him from his childhood passion, surfing. With a low-level job and a transient motel for a home, Hunter isn't sure life is worth living.

California Homecoming is a story about two wounded people learning to trust again and opening their hearts to the possibility of love. If you new adult romance, you'll enjoy this book.

Buy California Homecoming, the third book in the California Coast Romance Series, and find out if love can triumph adversity.

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