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Finding Balance

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When the mind, body, and soul are balanced then anything is possible.
Sometimes you are scared to dream because what if you tell people this big dream and it never comes to pass?
What if you dream big, chase after your dream and fall flat on your face? Truthfully that has never been a problem for me my biggest problem was what if I succeed and then what?
If I succeed it means I get to have more responsibilities. It would mean coming out of this comfort zone that I have built around myself, and I happen to love my comfort zone.
It is warm and snugly in here.
Yet I have this feeling inside me that I am not doing what I am meant to be doing. Here I am at twenty-six years old jobless, single, gaining weight, hating myself and asking each day why can’t I be different.
Like everybody out there who is trying to lose weight, I have tried all those dash weight loss challenges. I have starved myself for days only to gain back all the weight.
I have applied for the jobs I think I qualify for yet I got none.
I have tried to appreciate myself for who I am but there is always a voice whispering in my head that I am not good enough. That I am weak and with time I got to believe that voice.
Well, I am done with all that. I do not want to be that anymore.
I want to be happy, to fall in love someday. I want to love myself and accept myself for who I am. No image is going to define me.
As I start this New Year I promise myself that I am going to change. I know I cannot just say hey I am going to change and it happens. The change will be gradual and it will take some time.
It will take me twelve months. The reason I am writing this book is to hold myself accountable, to help guide me as I take each step.
This year I want to find the balance in my life. I want to find that young girl inside me who loved everyone. I want to find that young girl inside me who was confident, who was happy and who did not let the world define her. That girl had dreams and she believed all those dreams would come true.
She had a balance in her life.
If I want to find her again I have to start by healing my mind, my body and my spirit because they are all one entity. One cannot survive without the other. The best way I have come up with so far that involves all three is yoga.
This month I will be following the Dedicate Yoga challenge by Adriene, hopefully, by the end of it, I will have some healing in my life.
I shall write every day to outline how each session affected me and how it impacted my life.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I will enjoy writing it and if you feel unbalanced, let us go on this journey together.

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