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Turbulence of Self-Esteem: A Young Ladies Journey

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Here it is! A compelling collection of short stories BY young ladies FOR young ladies! "Self-esteem" is the thought process of how one sees themselves. In this book, you will walk arm-in-arm with the authors as they openly share the ups and downs of their turbulent paths leading to the realization that #SelfEsteemMatters. There's no sugarcoating or holding back. The trials and challenges encountered by these young ladies are ones many of today's youth can relate to and desire to overcome. Obstacles come to deter people off of the path to healing; however, these testimonies will prove to inspire, motivate, uplift, and shine a light on self-esteem in a positive way. Will these young ladies choose to overcome their obstacles or sink into the abyss of depression, suicide, and hopelessness? Allow "Turbulence of Self-Esteem: A Young Ladies Journey" to be truth, wisdom, an eye-opener, and a tool that can help you identify your self-worth. You have value! Recognize today the impact of embracing GOD as the main source in your life. After all, no test is ever successful without the mistakes made getting there! Keep going!

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