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Turned By Grace

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“Maybe THIS time, I can do it.” Those were the thoughts of a young man who was addicted to heroin and had taken up countless residencies at both in-patient and out-patient recovery centers. Fired from jobs. Incapable of properly caring for his children. Too “dope sick” to work. Unable to embrace the love of his parents. Living on welfare. All were circumstances that prompted the author to cry out to God on several occasions and ask: “Why, God? Why can’t I break free from this spirit of addiction?” The pivotal change came when he was sent to jail and given a choice for his sentencing: Either remain locked up for three years OR find and complete a recovery program. He chose the latter. Although he knew there was a God, establishing a relationship with Him proved difficult at first because the addiction, coupled with other generational curses, left him questioning the ability to be fully loved by God. He struggled to stay clean in a Christian recovery program, all while the enemy relentlessly whispered in his ear, “One more time won’t hurt. After all, you have 30...60...90 days of clean time!” Read the author’s testimony of how he overcame a world of pain, suffering, and low self-esteem after playing with God’s grace one too many times. This time, he DID do it...and you can, too!

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