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In trading, what you don’t know can and WILL hurt you, costing you time, money and confidence very unnecessarily.   If consistently profitable trading is your goal, then it is critical that you understand the obstacles that will prevent you from realizing it, especially those matters having to do with the psychology of trading. 

Unfortunately the common discussions about trading psychology all follow tired old themes and topics and sadly MISS the most impactful factors.  In “Trading Psychology’s Missing Chapter – Enough To Be Dangerous” you discover an unconventional yet very useful perspective to get your trading where you want it to be.

Comments from readers:

“I'm asked to read a lot of books and reports to give my review.  Most are "ok" and you can generally get a few nuggets of quality information.

Brian's book, however, is on another level.  I highly recommend it.

He hits on so many of the factors that cause most traders to fail and contrasts that with the qualities of most of the successful traders I know.  In fact, I love the title "enough to be dangerous" because that's how much most traders know when they step into this arena.  However, this book gives the beginning to intermediate trader a true "blueprint" to succeed and not get chewed up and spit out.

Successful traders will also find it worth their time, as you're going to see a new perspective on "discipline" and on using your subconscious mind that I found enlightening.”

- Justin Weinraub, Day Trade The Markets

“How hilarious Brian!

You’ve hit this one spot on and it’s amazing that you seem to be the only one that sees it.  You’ve truly nailed the stuff that keeps traders stuck in mediocrity and non-profit trading FOREVER. 

Thanks for giving me the insights to finally make some solid forward progress with MY trading!”

- Dave McCoy, Individual Trader

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