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The Starlight Quest

The Starlight Quest

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The Starlight Quest

4/5 (7 ratings)
89 pages
1 hour
Jun 28, 2019


Cinderella retold: Fae, vampires, shifters, and a Godmother who’ll grant you any wish—if you pay the price.

After finally receiving the one thing she's wanted for years, Elle sets out to pay the price demanded by the Godmother: she will travel through the Never Woods and complete a quest that will—if the Godmother's shocking story is to be believed—change her life.

And possibly the world.

This is episode 5 of 6 of a SERIALIZED Cinderella retelling. It is not novel-length. Expect cliffhangers! Approximately 21,000 words or 100 print pages.

**Prefer to binge-read all the episodes together? Look for City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story**

~ ~ ~

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where wishes can be bought and bargained for, Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm. Her only hope at freedom is to wish for it. But the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade, and the price she demands is steep. Is Elle willing to pay it?

Jun 28, 2019

About the author

Rachel Morgan spent a good deal of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making, crafting endless stories of make-believe and occasionally writing some of them down. After completing a degree in genetics and discovering she still wasn't grown-up enough for a 'real' job, she decided to return to those story worlds still spinning around her imagination. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults and those young at heart. Rachel lives in Cape Town with her husband and three miniature dachshunds. She is the author of the bestselling Creepy Hollow series, and also writes sweet contemporary romance under the name Rochelle Morgan.

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Book Preview

The Starlight Quest - Rachel Morgan


Elle stared through a giant window at a world of bare trees, rugged rock formations, and dark, winged creatures swooping across an eternally gray sky. She was standing in one of the many lounges of a palatial vampire home in the Jade Eternal Night, vaguely aware of the Godmother’s presence somewhere behind her. She raised her hand and gently placed her fingers against the glass, her mind still fixed on Dex. She had refused to leave the throne room until several of the Godmother’s new guards—vampires with enhanced abilities—had lifted Dex’s unconscious form and carried him upstairs to one of the bedrooms. When Elle had made certain he was comfortable—and after lingering a few extra moments in case he was about to wake up—she gave in and followed the Godmother through the house into this lounge, where the wall of glass was larger than in any other room they’d passed, and the view more striking.

Elle let her hand slip away from the window and fall to her side. There were so many emotions she should be feeling. Elation at finally, finally being free of the slave charm. Relief that Dex wasn’t about to die from a poison-laced stab wound or the Darkness that had been eating away at him for years. Fury at the Godmother for not only taking the enhanced vampire army as her own instead of setting everyone free, but also tricking Elle into making another wish. But all she felt was stunned.

Come and sit, the Godmother said from behind her.

Elle turned and glared at the woman. She hated everything about her, from her short, perfectly styled white hair all the way down to her elegant black heels. "No. I will not sit."

Very well then, but I have a lot to tell you, so—

"You’re the one we should have been worried about this whole time. Not a vampire heir who wants to be king. You. Okay, so apparently she was feeling something after all. And that something was definitely anger. Considering all the wishes you’re capable of granting, you’re probably the most powerful living faerie in the world. It might be impossible for anyone to kill King Belaric, but you’re the one who gave him that power, which means you can probably take it away. And if you haven’t taken it away until now, it’s because you’ve been waiting until the moment is right for you. Did you want to get your hands on the enhanced vampire army before making a move? Is that what you were waiting for? Oh yes, and let’s not forget that you were also waiting to get that memory out of my brain—the one about the ritual that gives vampires magic—so you can make your new army even stronger."

I don’t need memories of things I already know, the Godmother told her. "And when I said it was time to tell you a story, Elle, I didn’t mean my story. I meant yours."

I gathered as much, Elle snapped. You’d never reveal anything about yourself. Since it seemed likely she would be in this room for a while, she decided it might be a good idea to sit after all. She moved away from the window and chose the seat furthest from the Godmother. Whoever had done the decorating in this room had gone a little overboard with the color scheme: turquoise curtains, a red couch, cushions covered in splotches of turquoise, red and white, and a turquoise wall opposite the window. But it was tastefully done, and Elle couldn’t exactly blame anyone for wanting to fill this drab, gray world with some color.

She sank onto the red couch and folded her arms tightly over her chest. "So, if this story is all about me, are you going to finally tell me about my strange memory-wiping ability? Which apparently doesn’t wipe memories at all. How did I not know that memory was still there in my head? And why can’t I see all the other memories I’ve taken over the past few years? And how did you know that memory was there? How did you pull it out of my head?"

The Godmother let out an impatient sigh. I know everything there is to know about your gift, Elle. I’m the one who gave it to you.

Once again, Elle found herself in that stunned space in between a multitude of emotions. You … what? Why?

If you’ll let me start at the beginning of the story instead of continuously prattling on, you’ll find out.

Elle sent another glare the Godmother’s way, then pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She was far too curious not to want to hear what the Godmother was about to tell her, but she needed to get a few things straight first. Did you lie about Savoy sending some of his vampires to try and take you down after the masquerade ball?

Without a pause, the Godmother said, Yes, I did.

And you lied to me the first time I made a wish. You told me the prince was just as bad as his father and so I shouldn’t have any problem killing him. But you know just about everything, which means you probably know Dex is nothing like his father.


Indignation burned in Elle’s veins. She couldn’t help raising her voice as she continued, So why should I believe anything you’re about to tell me?

The smallest frown creased the Godmother’s brow. Because this is a story I have no reason to lie to you about.

And that, right there, could be another lie! Elle shouted.

The Godmother switched her scepter—the wooden staff topped by a red gem that controlled the vampire army—from one hand to the other. Well, I’m going to say what I have to say anyway, and at the end of it, you have no choice but to go on a quest, whether you believe me or not. We made a deal, Estelle. Don’t forget that.

Elle pressed her lips together as she pictured Dex lying unconscious in a room not too far away. Yes, she’d made another wish, but only because the Godmother had essentially forced her into it. But it was worth it, she reminded herself, thinking of

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