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Big Rod's On Ancient Gods Bundle: Erotic Mythology Boxed Set

51 pages51 minutes


Included in this erotic bundle are the following sexy stories:

Dominated By Hercules

Hercules, the extraordinarily powerful son of Zeus, has to prove heís the best at every physical activity including sex. So to prove himself and reclaim his spot on Olympus, a normal woman of high moral standing is summoned to Mount Olympus to be used like a whore, made to cum multiple times in front of the gods and finally impregnated with his seed.

Loki’s New Virgin

When Loki, the Norse God, demands a virgin as part of his plan to spite the other God's, he sees no reason not to have a little fun at the same time...

Forced By Aphrodite

When Paris has to decide which Goddess is the most beautiful, he's put in an interesting situation. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite are all gorgeous, but to be given the golden apple they will stop at nothing to win. Paris only has eyes for one woman however, a mortal who he is forbidden to be with. Aphrodite has different plans, even if it means Paris needs to learn to love more than one woman....

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