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They Tell Me You Are Cunning: Duncan Cochrane, #4

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They Tell Me You Are Cunning: Duncan Cochrane, #4

Length: 321 pages4 hours


Can one man undo a terrible criminal injustice?

"Richly detailed, riveting storytelling brings alive Chicago politics in the 1980s as we follow a disgraced politician through a labyrinth of crime and punishment." ~ Mysti Berry, Editor, Low Down Dirty Vote

Duncan Cochrane quit politics to escape the sins of his past, but two years later, he's pulled back in to protect his imprisoned son, and a death row inmate who just might be innocent.

To do so, he must find new sources of power and new ways to inspire the voters who turned on him.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the fourth book in the Duncan Cochrane series of crime mysteries detailing Duncan's rise to prominence and the personal cost of his public ambitions. [DRM-Free]

Praise for Book 1—"They Tell Me You Are Wicked":

"...a compelling picture of the Windy City when it was still in thrall to the mob and its own unique political machine." ~ Shots Magazine "This is one of those surprise-ending novels that are so tightly constructed that it's hard to write synopsis without giving away an important detail. Hagerty makes a contemporary political point, but gently enough that you can just enjoy the story if you are not interested in the politics. If you are interested in modern American politics, he may help you understand how people come to take sides on a current issue." ~ Scott D. Saifer

Praise for Book 2—"They Tell Me You Are Crooked":

"Another fast paced can't put down book by David Hagerty. Like his first book he keeps you guessing what will happen and then bring you an unexpected "I didn't see that coming" ending. This book is another winner!" ~ Terez Lyle

Praise for Book 3—"They Tell Me You Are Brutal":

"The protagonist is complex and well-developed, with both flaws and integrity; he is definitely someone readers will want to spend time with. And, as with the previous two books in the series, the descriptions of politics in general and election politics in particular add depth and richness. They Tell Me You Are Brutal has it all—a compelling story, political and historical interest, and thoughtful writing." ~ Theresa O'Laughlin

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