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Reclaimed Haven: The Trilogy: Reclaimed Haven

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Crossroads, Minnesota. Where Lake Wobegon Meets Fargo.

Ashley Stone's life turned upside down when she accepted a job at a small town newspaper. Harboring a deadly secret, she's unexpectedly plunged into a vortex of international intrigue, murder, and foul happenings. To make matters worse, Ashley's wrestling her own demons and as her life unravels, who can she turn to when all hell breaks loose?

Intrepid photographer, Ned Stevens, escaped to small town Minnesota hoping to get away from big city drama. But he leaped from the frying pan directly into the fire. Little did he realize Crossroads was the hub of a global terrorist network… and he unwittingly holds the key to unleashing unparalleled terror.

Abductions, unbridled mayhem, and of course, vicious murder… cruel elements combine to tear Ashley and Ned's pristine love apart. Friends become mortal enemies. The quiet town of Crossroads explodes into a cacophony of debris.

When a dark stranger rolls into town, quiet small town life turns on its ear. Friends become enemies. Safe havens turn brutal when a local is murdered in a most unimaginable way. With friends, lovers, and coworkers at risk, will Ashley and Ned be able to reclaim their haven?

This set includes the entire Reclaimed Haven Trilogy: Murder on First, Murder on Second, and Murder on Third.

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