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2032: - after it topples

278 pages3 hours


In one wonderful moment Ruby, Jack and Noah realise that the city is theirs.

That government was like a dead hand around your throat. Handouts for the old. A city nobody could afford to live in. Zero hour contracts. Somehow though they seemed impregnable. Ruby, Noah and Jack are the leaders of an unlikely opposition group that is chipping away at their power. Then in a few short days they receive support from powerful backers and sweep it all away.

A city to run. To defend. They set out to create “capitalism with a human face.” Reforming housing and employment. Surprisingly they find themselves the beneficiaries of a wave of investment, as a bright new opportunity. Their enemies are conspiring to bring them down. Not through a frontal assault, but from within.

In this utopian mystery there is so much hope despite the fragility. Can they survive against the odds?

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