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Sins of a Hibiscus in The Turks and Caicos Islands: Red Petal 1

51 pages48 minutes


Meghan, a popular radio DJ finds herself falling for tall, gorgeous Alex, a police detective who manages to arrest her heart and send her emotions into a tailspin from the beginning of their new relationship.

All is not love and romance though as Alex has a few secrets he’s keeping from her and slowly but surely Meghan is finding them out.

Malik enters the picture and Meghan can’t control the feelings he brings out in her as he seems to be the fresh air she desperately craves.
Will Meghan wake up from the love spell Alex has cast on her and chose Malik as the better man to be with or will she continue to lose herself more and more each day while trying to hold onto Alex, hoping that he would realise that she was the woman he needed to be with.

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