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Fate’s Hand, A Rockstar & A Runner Book 1

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Everyone has childhood dreams to become rich and famous, either by becoming a famous actor or a famous singer. For Ryder Evans, it was the latter. Born into a lower-class family and abandoned by his father at the age of 10, Ryder grew up heading down a bad path. With the love and support from his mother, he rose above the stigma of a small-town rebel, pulled himself out of the drugs and other bad influences that dealing with his father’s abandonment steered him towards and achieved what most find to be unachievable. Ryder and 3 of his best friends since childhood poured everything they had into becoming a rock band and after years of hard work, sacrifice and their unwavering dedication escalated themselves from small-town Canadian boys into internationally known Rockstar’s.
Ryder Evans had it all. Looks, money, plus being the lead singer for one of the most popular rock bands in the world. He is talented, captivating and has the choice of any woman he wants. But after being used once, Ryder keeps them at arms-length. Never allowing anyone in for more than one or two dates, he keeps himself distanced and unattached while his friends hope that one day the heartaches of his past will heal with the right touch.
His entire world is turned inside out when fate’s hand intervenes, and he crosses paths with the most unassuming and intriguing woman he has ever met. Unable to resist the undeniable forces drawing him to her, Ryder falls for Tana Anderson discovering love and passion he never knew was possible. But can their budding love survive a grueling tour schedule, incredible distances and such drastically different lifestyles?
Their choice to be together is not an easy one. Being a Rockstar, touring the world coupled with her children, her own career and them living in different cities are some hard challenges they have to face. On top of that there are opposing schedules, lifestyle differences and extreme distances for long periods of time that present even more challenges that if they can work through them, they might have something worth making changes for.
This captivating Canadian erotic love story is sure to ensnare you and keep you coming back for more. Fate’s Hand, the first Book in the A Rockstar & A Runner series, shows us just exactly what it’s like when two people love with their entire heart and how they can make that one love grow.

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