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Pills for Visiting Hours

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‘Pills for Visiting Hours’ is the fourth of the Pills for the Hospital Ward series. A defining feature of this anthology is restless verse primed to divert sluggish thoughts away from pending medical appointments to refocus on the fabric of society. The hospital series features plays punctuated with original artwork, plays and poems by the author. While distracting patients is a theme throughout the series, each book may be read independently and in any order.
Various office holders suffer sleepless nights thinking about how best they can serve the public during their tenure in public office. Hospital inmates may discover solace by offering these brave policy makers some advice to ease their tremendous burden of social responsibility. Resolving the illness in society can be a cathartic process simultaneously recovering both the patient and society. In particular, the play Euro Fable is likely to beguile readers with the pantomime of European intrigue enhanced with illustrations using original artwork by the author.
Anecdotes within contain a plethora of dubious characters. As throughout the author’s hospital series, plays, poems and fables are richly enhanced with the usual assortment of woolly-minded despots and sycophantic flunkies of world governance. Though intended for a patient destined for a long spell, the verses may be read by anyone seeking asylum from dominant ideology.
Also in the hospital series:
Book One - Pills for the First Consultation
Book Two - Pills for the First Night
Book Three - Pills for the First Day
Book Four - Pills for Visiting Hours
Book Five - Pills for the Homeward Bound
Due to popular demand, the series has been compiled into one book called Sweet Pills for the Hospital Ward.

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