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In His Presence (Shekinah Glory)

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I was in a church that was full of sick and problem prone worshippers. Then a new pastor was posted there that prayed more and ate less. Things changed drastically and dramatically. I saw the church increase in membership. The pastor would wake up every midnight and pray. Most time he would take only a little bite of his food so he would feel light so as to wake up. Such sacrifices brought down his presence in our church. Barren women were getting pregnant and the sick were healed. Once when I traveled and came back a woman came to greet me. I discovered she had gotten pregnant. Every time she would ask me to pray for her. What I mean is that a kind of God's presence stayed in that church that you didn't need anybody to pray specially for you. Just knee and ask God and the answers would come readily and effortlessly. It took some fasting and praying of the church to bring down such presence in that church. People I knew to be always sickly became always healthy. His indwelling presence. This book, "In His Presence (Shekinah Glory)," will bring you into the very presence of God - the glory cloud, it describes the symbols and signs of his glory and presence, with examples and thrilling testimonies of how others brought down the glory of God in their lives. Get a copy today and for your friends also. Share what God is doing.

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