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The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad

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The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad

Length: 203 pages2 hours


"A quietly bursting story of a society stuck in the ancient past and in sharp opposition to modernity." -- Maria Diamond, The Guardian

Rolami is a place of culture, tradition, and gods... and it's a place where young women are circumcised. 

Lami, a privileged daughter of a prominent chief, has avoided her forced circumcision for four seasons. But even though she's powerful and determined, she can't escape tradition forever. When her best friend returns from exile to comfort her, Lami discovers that the consequences of her culture's cruel rites of passage are even worse than she had imagined. 

Lami and her friends must fight to bring revolution to Rolami. But will their changes be for the better or the worse? That depends on who is telling the story and who is listening...

The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad is at once a raw and candid account of the horrors of female genital mutilation, a heartbreaking coming-of-age dystopian story, and powerful and moving tale of the indomitable spirit of women in the face of immense adversity. 

Read The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad with your book club or discussion group and explore some of the most important issues facing women today. 



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