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The Possession: Writer's Block, #1

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A famed horror author is on the verge of his magnum opus—a labyrinthine cryptogram that details the end of days.

"As much as I like Dean Koontz and Stephen King, none of them build such nice twists and turns into their plots." ~ William Greenleaf

"I honestly feel that you're a gifted writer." ~ Michael Garrett (Credited as Stephen King's First Editor)

"A.K. Kuykendall blurs the lines between fact and fiction to conjure a true nightmare." ~ Shane KP O'Neill, Author of "The Lucifer Agenda" Series

When Gregory Stillingsworth buys an antique doll in India, the bestselling horror novelist doesn't haggle over the steep price. He simply has to have the beautiful, enchanting doll. Only months later, when it is far too late, will he realize that he is merely the latest in a long line of victims to become possessed by Christie, a pernicious tool of Satan.

What follows is a battle for Gregory's soul, as well as his sanity, and the casualties are legion. Chief among them is Jamie Stillingsworth, Gregory's devoted wife, who finds not only her love for her husband but her courage tested as well. Can she deliver his baby and cherish it as though it were their own, not the offspring of something monstrous? As the battle lines between the angels of light and darkness are drawn, Gregory and Jamie become trapped in an ancient war that has no beginning and no end, a conflict that turns time inside out and reason on its head. What is real? Who can be trusted? When is the end truly the end?

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the first book in the "Writer's Block" trilogy, exploring the age-old War of Angels. Better leave a light on...or three or ten... for this one. [DRM-Free]

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