Culture, Religion, and Geopolitics
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Culture, Religion, and Geopolitics reflects the accumulated knowledge of a professor who has lived and worked in three continents. Starting with the variety of environments, the author has encountered, the book tries to define our cultures and to make mutual understanding easier now in the era of globalization. Although addressed to the average reader, the book also raises some delicate philosophical and religious questions . . .We are all the results of our parents’ physical, cultural, and spiritual environments. Our values, attitudes, and behavior are shaped by our beliefs, which in turn are molded by religion and science. At the same time, our belief system is constantly challenged by new discoveries and is influenced by our changing behavior. A special chapter compares Christianity with other religions and stresses how it influences our individual behavior and our governments’ geopolitical attitudes. After tackling such delicate issues, the book dedicates one chapter to various significant cross-cultural problems and another one to English as an international instrument of communication.The second part of the book addresses the evolution of the world through the prism of culture, religion, and technology. Several chapters deal with the most powerful countries of the current world. A chapter is also dedicated to the United States and to the American modal personality. In conclusions, some philosophical remarks address the nature and the future of our civilization.
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