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The Great Conversion: How Paul Stole Christianity From Jesus Christ And Turned It Into An Anti Christ Religion

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Jesus Christ was not a christiany. Christians are flowers of Paul. Based on what is written  in the bible,it's easy to find out that the majority of the new testament part of the Christian Bible was writen by Paul, a con man who used fake conversion and fake documents to infiltrate the early christian community,polute its teachings with anti Christ ideas and wrote most of thet new testament part of the Bible.

  Before Paul, Europe,America, the catholics and the anti Catholic Protestants joined Christianity, Christians followed Jesus Christ and modeled their lives on his teachings and life style examples. 

After Paul and his predecessors joined the Christian faith, Christian's stopped obeying Christ and became followers of Paul,not Jesus Christ.

Over 2000 years after Jesus commanded his followers to love one another,love their neighbours,love their enemies,do good to to haters, bless,the cursers, go the extra mile and turn the other cheek of tolerance when faced with oppression, pray for users and abusers of their love. No Christian or Christian group has obeyed Jesus. What went wrong? This book is just one part of a two book set that looks at the truth in the face of reality. Enjoy

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