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Rust Creek Falls Cinderella/Their Inherited Triplets/One Night with the Cowboy/Their Last Second Chance/His Unexpected Twins/A Baby Between Fri

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Rust Creek Falls Cinderella - Melissa Senate

When Lily Hunt, a plain-Jane Cinderella chef, gives herself a makeover to spice up her flirtation with a sexy cowboy, she finds herself contending with his past heartbreak and his father's matchmaking scheme!

Their Inherited Triplets - Cathy Gillen Thacker

To give the orphaned triplets the stability they need, guardians Lulu McCabe and Sam Kirkland decide to jointly adopt them. But when it's discovered their marriage wasn't actually annulled, they have to prove to the courts they're responsible - by renewing their vows!

One Night With The Cowboy - Brenda Harlen

Soon-to-be-exes Brielle Channing and Caleb Gilmore said goodbye after a night of passion - until a surprise pregnancy changed all their plans. Could their baby be their second chance for happily-ever-after, or will their fueding families once again come between them?

Their Last Second Chance - Shirley Jump

When Melanie Cooper runs into her first love, her picture-perfect life is unraveling - unbeknownst to her family. Harris MCarthy is hiding a few secrets of his own, but exposing them could save Melanie's career and torpedo their last second chance at love.

His Unexpected Twins - Carrie Nichols

It was supposed to be a summer romance between friends, but a surprise pregnancy forces Liam McBride and Ellie Harding to confront their feelings for each other - and their fears of the future.

A Baby Between Friends - Kathy Douglass

After their friendship is ruined by a night of passion, Joni Danielson and Lex Devlin have to find a way back to being friends. Will her unexpected pregnancy lead them to love?

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