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Slaying in Salem: Capital City Murders, #2

76 pages58 minutes


Slaying in Salem is Book #2 in the Capital City Murders series.
Taking a roundabout way from Olympia, Washington, to Salem, Oregon, took much longer than freelance photographer Nick O'Flannigan anticipated. As he arrives in Salem, he discovers there has been a murder, this time at the Oregon State Hospital. He notices something odd about the suspect the police have in custody. They have the wrong guy.
But how can he, a freelance photographer, convince them and still do his job? His camera and his friendship with a local journalist will both help, but this time they may not be enough. Will he help solve the case or will his interference let the bad guy get away clean? You won't be able to stop reading until the very last page.

p.s. This is a great two-hour read.

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