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Rascal's Reward

Rascal's Reward

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Rascal's Reward

57 pages
36 minutes
Jul 10, 2019


Kerry is beginning a new life with her lesbian lover in South Africa, and a part of her new life is the most unusual of pets. Her partner owns a puppy girl named penny, such a docile and obedient pup. Her own pet is rascal, a male and very willful and energetic, and as a new owner she is still learning what puppy boy ownership entails... but kinky Kerry will soon learn how to keep him obedient!

Jul 10, 2019

About the author

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Rascal's Reward - Kelly Addams


Chapter 1

Kerry sighed softly , it wasn’t quite an English country garden, but it was close enough... considering the distance.

The distance? She didn’t know how far, how many miles or kilometres her new garden sat from her old in England’s green and leafy Cheshire? A very long way she told herself, the length of two continents. From the Midlands of England to a scrap of South Africa’s Lowveld, the northern most region of the country. Green and lush but also humid beyond belief, it had taken time to adjust but she was finally feeling comfortable in the heat.

And my new home signals my new life, a life away from pointing fingers and shaking heads.

They never were going to accept the real me she admitted, those friends that had slowly begun to distance themselves after the breakdown of her marriage. Graham, her ex-husband certainly wasn’t ever going to forgive or forget, he had taken it as a personal insult.

Kerry smiled, she could see the funny side now. That evening sat in their small back garden of their very proper suburban house, ice tinkling in his whisky and her gin, the evening that she had dropped the bombshell that had signalled the end.

I think I might be a lesbian!

The whisky tumbler had frozen against his lips as her words and their meaning slowly filtered through several layers of very masculine and stubborn denial.

Say again? the glass lowered slowly and deliberately to the table as his eyes bore into her.

It’s something I think I’ve always known, Kerry had begun, Known but not admitted.

Of course he had taken it as an insult to his manhood, macho pride wasn’t just bruised. Realistically I took it and crushed it under my dyke heel, Kerry giggled quietly. How could he face that, his wife of ten years suddenly admitting that she preferred to taste of pussy? His friends must have had a field day she thought, Graham, the guy who turned his wife gay. The manly Graham, sportsman and borderline misogynist, muscular and powerful... but clearly unable to satisfy his partner!

Of course it hadn’t been him, not entirely... she was generous enough to admit that to him as he sat there, his mouth opening and closing like a stranded goldfish as he tried to process the shocking information overload. It was always inside me, I just denied my feelings... until now.

He hadn’t even asked the question Why now?

Kerry glanced across the table set beneath the spreading and blossom laden arms of a stately South African Jacaranda, lavender petals drifting down on a gentle breeze that carried along the valley. Opposite her sat the reason, there was her Why.

Bethany, her sweet English rose.

Except she isn’t that sweet, the thought popped un-summoned into Kerry’s mind. Bethany may have looked gentile and oh so very chaste and proper, but that was a facade that disguised the true nature of her lover. Sweet English rose! Closer to call her my dirty little slut.

Beth could

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