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Ep. 58 Garden Planning for Food Preservation: Sponsored by Lehman's - Guests Ira Wallace and Lisa Mason Ziegler

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Ira Wallace and Liza Ziegler are discussing what to plant in your garden while keeping food preservation in mind.    Here is a collection of resources that may pique your interest: Garden Planning for Preservation Keep Track of Your Preserving Projects with a Canning Journal  Make the Most of Your Garden with the Garden Planner The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest Lisa Mason Ziegler's Links The Gardener's Workshop Cool Flowers Vegetables Love Flowers Ira Wallace's Links Southern Exposure Seed Exposure Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast Check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Bookstore for more resources that may pique your interests! To see more podcasts, visit our Mother Earth News and Friends page! Check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR page for an opportunity to see our podcast guest live!  The Mother Earth News and Friends podcast is a production of Ogden Publications.  

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