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Ep. 46 Building Soil: Sponsored by DR Power Equipment

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Thank You, DR Power, for Sponsoring this Episode! Visit for huge discounts, to read reviews, or watch videos. In this episode Charlotte interviews a soil building dream team! Enjoy this lively conversation about soil featuring Jessi Bloom, Patricia Foreman, and Tradd Cotter. The come to this episode from different angles, but similar goals.  Follow the links below for topics mentioned in the podcast that may have piqued your interest:   Greater Life Force In the Garden: A Soil Fertility Manifesto Grow Cover Crops In your Garden Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Amazing Underground Secret to a Better Garden Probiotics For the Soil: Brew Your Own Local, Indigenous Microbes Understanding Active Soil Books by Jessi Bloom Free-Range Chicken Gardens Practical Permaculture Books by Patricia Foreman Chicken Tractor Day Range Poultry A Tiny Home To Call Your Own Books by Tradd Cotter Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation Other books that may pique your interests. Building Soils Naturally The Ultimate Guide to Soil   Check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Bookstore for more resources that may pique your interests! To see more podcasts, visit our Mother Earth News and Friends page! Check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR page for an opportunity to see our podcast guest live!  The Mother Earth News and Friends podcast is a production of Ogden Publications.

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