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Podcast #35 - Special Episode: Taking Your Seat and Deeping Your Practice with Meditation: This is my gift to you check out the shownotes.....

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Yes, with grace I have made it to my 35th birthday and podcast and
bring you the offering of this special episode which is approximately a
35 minute meditation. To signify my 35th birthday we begin with three
om's and end with five. Many days of contemplation on what I was going
to share and the usual 35 sun salutations came to mind but then after
connecting to my commitment to a three week breakthrough meditation
practice (this is in the back of Sally's Book) it made sense to share
this with you. If you are new to meditation take a whirl and know there
is no right or wrong enjoy your experience even if you just sit there
and nothing seems to happen, be patient it will offer amazing fruits
without your even being aware of them at first.

There are many ways to meditate and I first began using the style of the Self Realization Fellowship but then met my current teacher, Sally Kempton while
in teacher training in 2002. At first when I met her I was practicing
SRF technique thinking this was the only way and did not even listen to
her. At the time I was not open to something new and in some way was
rigid but after some time I sat with her again and totally let go and
went with her guidance and am happy I did. Today I follow her technique
which are beautifully explained in her book The Heart of Meditation .

This episode is dedicated to Sally as she opened me to the possibility of play within my practice of meditation.

Shakti: 1) the divine Mother, the dynamic aspect of the absolute
Reality, and the creative force of the universe. 2)All-pervasive,
divine spiritual energy

Acroyoga and the amazing Huck Hirsch - he is a gifted teacher who travels around the world teaching and sharing this wonderful practice.

Huck Hirsch
Residence: Los Angeles
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY

After years of enjoying yoga on my own mat, I was so delighted by the
AcroYoga vision of yoga practiced in 2s and 3s and 4s...exploring
connection and trust and beauty in community makes this playful
practice fun and vast and important.God created others for many
reasons. AcroYoga invites us to find all of them.
Born in Brooklyn. High School of Performing Arts. Amherst College.
Many years working in musical theater. Performer. Director.
Choreographer. Then I made a film and moved to LA, where I currently
teach AcroYoga and Anusara Yoga.

And I continue to write about the crazy wonderful journey of living.


Thank you for this opportunity to experiment, explore and share with you.


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