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TROPICAL BEACH: and calm jungle ambiance to make you sleep easier - Do you have a travel memory or a favorite place you find it easier to fall asleep? ?

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Take yourself on a mental journey:
Imagine taking a nice walk in the jungle towards a tropical beach. Letting your mind float away as you’re taking yourself on a mental journey will hasten the onset of sleep. The mental journey can consist of real memories, or you can make up your own imaginary journey - either way it will relax you and slow down swirly thoughts.
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Bringing back good memories:
A couple of years ago while backpacking through Asia, I found it easier to fall asleep. I went to bed when I felt tired, becoming one with natures own sleep cycle, the sunset, and sundown. This was a new feeling for me, completely detached from the nine to five life just for a couple of weeks. I remember the relaxing feeling from spending my days on a white beach, with a hot burning sun and gentle ocean waves. The feeling of hot sand sifts between my fingers. The warmth from the sun relaxing my body. The sound of twittering exotic birds from the jungle. Slow waves and the smell of the salty ocean. These thoughts went through my mind every night as I fell asleep. 
After coming home to the stressful everyday life, these thoughts kept swirling through my mind and hastened the onset of my sleep significantly compared to before. Bringing back good memories from the trip, where my body was in full relaxation and the only thing that mattered was the here and now, making it easier to put away stressful events from daily life. 
Finding your personal mental relaxation:
Perhaps you’ve never spent your days on a quiet beach with the relaxing sounds from a calm ocean, and don’t have these memories in your mind accessible to use while falling asleep. Don’t worry! You can always use your imagination and make up your own mental journey. The rhythmic nature of actual ocean sounds might help you fall into a calm deep sleep. 
To increase the onset of falling asleep you can experiment by using memories from a time in total relaxation, make up your own mental journey or even listen to relaxing sounds. 
Do you have a travel memory or a place you find it easier to fall asleep?
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Sweet dreams ❤️

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