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334 Food Empowerment For Children, Adults, and Parents, Create A Healthier Relationship with Your Body, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institutive of Integrative Nutrition, NIH, Whole Food Energy, Kale & Chocolate, Once Upon a Food Story, Elise Museles: Elise’s background in eating psychology differentiates her from other health experts, as she not only creates beautiful recipes but gets to the root of unwanted health and eating challenges. Through her unique Food Story Method, she helps clients unders

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Summary   Food Story Everyone has a food story. To those who don’t know what a food story is, it’s mainly about eating psychology and how we look at food. My guest today, Elise Museles, is a Certified Eating Psychology and Nutrition Expert and will show us how to have a healthy relationship with food. Childhood Years When Elise Museles was young, she would eat when she was hungry and not think twice about all the fresh food available. When she was nine years old, she went to the doctor’s office with her mom. There she heard her mom whispering with the doctor. Elise Museles was then told that if she loses five pounds, she can get my ears pierced which she wanted so badly then. So, at nine years old, Elise Museles went on her first diet. She exercised as well and eventually lost weight. Around the same time, Elise Museles’ dad had a habit of sleepwalking and eating. So, they tried to remedy it by locking up the fridge. From that experience, Elise Museles thought that food is best kept under lock and key. And it’s something that is needed to be controlled. “I tried every diet and outsourced my inner guidance. It was all about what were the experts saying. I had that whole cortisol effect,” recalls Elise Museles. Defining Moments Elise Museles eventually went to law school, practiced immigration law but was still interested in Nutrition. After she had kids, Elise Museles ended up not practicing law and pursued Nutrition instead. Elise Museles says her defining path was when I met her boyfriend who eventually became her husband. However, because he was uncomfortable watching Elise Museles not having fun with food, they broke up. “I went back to California where I was from. And that’s when I knew I had to heal my relationship with food. So, I turned to a more vegan lifestyle and started cooking for myself. We got back together, got married and had children,” Elise Museles shared. Elise Museles’ second defining moment was when she got pregnant and had to learn about this whole listen to your body thing. She was vegan at the time and recalled craving turkey. “It was a battle versus my head and my body. I had to start to listen to my body, and I felt so much better,” said Elise Museles. “Then I realized also that I couldn’t pass down an unhealthy food story to my children.” Pursuing Nutrition Elise Museles left her law career to pursue Nutrition. She wanted to help other people become comfortable with their food choices and make food less of a drama. She eventually got certified in Holistic Health, worked a lot with people with what was on their plate. “It’s not about telling people what to eat. There’s something else. And that’s when I turned to get certified in Eating Psychology. It was a huge game changer in my journey, my own food story and the way I could help and serve people,” said Elise Museles. The biggest thing Elise Museles learned was about how our thoughts can impact our digestion, metabolism, and pleasure. You are what you eat, but you also are what you think. “So, I knew I wanted to help people shift their minds. Looking back, I realized our food stories aren’t our own. Food Story also a part of the people that we share our meals with,” said Elise Museles. Kale and Chocolate Elise Museles says she was the kale and her husband was the chocolate. She claims she didn’t like chocolate until she met her husband. Now Elise Museles eats dark chocolate every day. And she can see how they became kale and chocolate together. “It’s proof that whether you are aware or not, your food story is being shared. And you are picking on the food story of other people along the way, too,” said Elise Museles. Where To Start We have complex and layered relationships. So sometimes, Elise Museles tells people to start by making their kitchen more of a sanctuary. Ultimately, you want your kitchen to be a place where you are excited about being there. And that the food in there is going to

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