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163 Essential Oils Training, How To Safely Use Aromatherapy from Infants to Seniors, Young Living, Doterra, Youngevity with Leiann King and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast: Safe and Effective Essential Oil Usage

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Check Out The Aromatherapy Training! Essential Oils Maximizing The Benefits Of Essential Oils   I'm sure you have heard the multiple benefits of essentials oils. From cleaning to natural medicine and detoxification, there are more than a hundred uses of essential oils. And yes, even cooking! So we're in for a treat today because my guest, Leiann King, will teach us how to use these oils properly.   The use of essential oils dates back to the ancient times. It has proven to be beneficial because of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. However, King says we should avoid overusing it since it is a chemical.    Getting Into Essential Oils    King is a certified master herbalist and international certified aromatherapist. She will be getting her raw foods certification soon. Married to a farmer, she is a proud mother of...drum roll please...nine children!    And because King didn't have any health insurance, she learned to use essential oils, especially as a natural medicine. Using essential oils for 15 years, King's pharmacy was her backyard.    During those years, King became frustrated with the essential oils workshops and seminars she attended. It didn't leave much of a mark for her to feel a significant long-term change. Hence, this was when she started to create her blends to maximize the benefits of essential oils.    "People don't know the vast benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils can trigger mechanisms in your brains," said King. "It can also call back positive experiences, release negative experiences or lock in something you want to have happened." Foundational Aromatherapy   King's devotion eventually paid off. Aside from being an internationally certified aromatherapist, master herbalist, and certified Iridologist, she was also able to write a book.   Co-authored with Brenda Wright, Foundational Aromatherapy is an informative guide to essential oils. The original edition has successfully sold thousands of copies and is now in its second edition.    Readers will learn all about the simple and fun ways to use over 70 kinds of essential oils. The 250-page book is a plethora of information! Inclusive of easy-to-do recipes, the book also teaches you how to create your own blends.   Food Zoning and Reflexology  Some people are not aware that our body's blueprint is connected to our feet. It starts on the neck of our big toe and is correspondent to the brain and our spine. The essential oils travel through our blood stream and lead out to every organ in the body.   King was admittedly initially clueless about this. She credits a woman named Barbara from her town. Barbara was a foot zone therapist and previously studied with a renowned herbalist, the late Dr. Raymond Christopher.    Over time, King learned a lot about herbal plants from Barbara. In addition to that, Barbara also taught her about juicing, fasting, and sprouting as well. These methods empowered King to keep her growing family healthy the natural way.    Favorite Essential Oils   There are a lot of essential oils that you can buy. However, there are a handful of popular ones used for everyday ailments.   King says that Rosemary is not just good for cooking. In fact, when she was studying for her degree, she often used Rosemary. When used topically, Rosemary can also be used to soothe muscles.   King also shares that over the years, she usually uses Peppermint to treat colds. However, she cautions using Peppermint to a 2-year old and stresses the use of a dilution chart. Furthermore, Peppermint must not be given to elderly persons with high blood pressure.      Peppermint actually has a broad range of medicinal applications.  Beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it can be used as a personal lube for females as well.    "An essential oil must be diluted with a carrier oil like olive, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, lotion,

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