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85 Weight Loss In A Busy World with Byron Morrison and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast: Become A Better You By Making Easy Sustainable Changes

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Byron Morrison - Weight Loss In A Busy World Weight Loss Achieved In 3 Simple Steps  I have been on around 30 diets my whole life. Being caught up in that roller coaster ride regarding weight loss is so familiar.   But how then can we stop this weight loss madness? And shift this mindset from chasing this dream, constantly judging ourselves and feeling worse?  My guest today will show us how to achieve weight loss that in 3 simple steps.   The Old Me   Byron Morrison says a few years ago, he had absolutely no interest in health, nutrition or exercise. He was 50 pounds heavier and had a negative mindset and outlook in life. Then his dad was diagnosed with cancer. That, he says, became the eye-opener to take good care of his health and achieve weight loss.    Morrison also used to work in marketing. It was a huge factor why he gained weight. Then he studied nutrition and eventually got qualified as a personal trainer. A few more years down the line, he wrote his book so he can help a lot of people.   Diet Myths   "Dieting is all about restriction. For me it is a short-term fix for what is essentially a long-term problem," Morrison says. "From a basic psychology point of view, as soon as you tell yourself you can't have something, it makes you want it more. That's why dieting doesn't work."   He also says to stop dieting and eat in a way that is beneficial to your health. At the end of the day, it's all about balance. Your focus is not about being perfect. It's about people changing their mindset from becoming better.   Morrison says our lives are stressful as it is. There are so many diets out there and it is a multi-million dollar business. From a business viewpoint, he explains this is because people tend to hop on one diet after the other.    "Everything in our society is based on finding a streamline way of achieving a goal," he said. "We need to shift society's mindset to accept that it's not always about weight loss. Enjoy the journey for what it is."   Three Steps   First of all, Morrison says those people in the magazines don't even look like that. What he normally has people do is forget the diet.    Here are his 3 simple steps:   1. Eat vegetables every single meal  It will improve your energy, avoid nutrient deficiency and improves bodily functions.   2. Drink more water on a daily basis  At least 2 liters of water daily will give you more energy, kickstarts your metabolism and your bodily functions will improve. Drink water 15-20 minutes before meals.  Because it is easy to confuse signs of dehydration with hunger.   3. Walk more on a daily basis  We often overlook the activity of walking. Gradually walk longer. Be mindful that you need to do it. It prevents us from disease, improves cardiovascular endurance and burns calories.    If you get to focus on those three things, none of them are daunting or overwhelming. We can easily incorporate this in our daily routine.    Morrison also shares that when he celebrated the launch of his book, he ran an online challenge.  He got a group of people to do those 3 steps. The whole goal was for them to stop dieting and start living up.     Results were amazing. Morrison shared that they were all felt better. Their mood and energy went up and focused better. The average weight loss during the week was 2 to 6 pounds. There's no need to do any radical changes.  Learning To Like Vegetables   Simply put, it's bringing us back to the basics. Eating vegetables, drinking water and walking --- there's no controversy there.    In fact, I've been studying about super foods and how different vegetables have massive healing properties. Broccoli for example, has over 1000 nutrients.    However, Morrison says supplements should be paired with a good diet. And he's not a big fan of supplements. Because he tells people to get their nutrients from their diet as much as possible.

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