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25 Adventures In Meditation with Forrest Knutson and Ashley James on The Learn True Health Podcast: The Science Behind Self Realization

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Forrest Knutson is an expert teacher (and still a student) of
meditation. He left the safety of the ashram to pursue a
self-reliant life as a yogi householder.

Through a lifetime of meditation and study Forrest observed key
elements of meditation and simplified them so that anyone who
applied themselves could learn and achieve a successful meditative

Today Forrest teaches through his books and online through video
training available in the Learn True Health’s membership.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:
The #1 most important thing to do in life.
Understanding how we think and how we can change our
Prayer before and after medication is a form of protection
Prayer and meditation are related
Holy saints would meditate

Health AH-HA Moment:
Four days of practicing meditation decrease our stress hormones by

Your Challenge:
Every day find time to practice your double breathing. At a
stoplight, at work, before bed, are all good times to remember to
double breathe.

Adventures in Meditation:
Hacking the Universe: The Process of Yogic Meditation by Forrest

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