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When They See Us & This Land

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In True Crime Update, a listener of the “Bear Brook” podcast solved a big part of the cold case. We hear from Rebecca’s colleague Jason Moon, as well as giving a plug for NHPR’s new podcast about parole, “Supervision.”The panel offers a first-impressions review of Crooked Media’s “This Land.” It touches on a murder conviction from 2000, but the legal case has less to do about what happened and more to do about where it happened.FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “THIS LAND,” GO TO 38:22.Then the crime writers dig into Netflix’s “When They See Us.” It retells the 1989 story of the Central Park Five, showing how the five black teenagers falsely confessed to a rape they didn’t do and challenges they faced even after serving their sentences.FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “WHEN THEY SEE US,” GO TO 1:05:44.In Crime of the Week: Taco Hell.Get our Patreon-exclusive CWO After Show...and more! Just click here to sign up!APPEARANCE ALERT!The crime writers will be at the True Crime Podcast Festival 2019 on July 13 in Chicago. Information at THIS EPISODESquarespace – go to for a free trial and use code CWO to save 10% off your first website or domainSnap Kitchen - and use code CRIME to save $20 a week on your first 4 weeksReal Real - promo code REAL for 20% off select itemsThird Love - Go to and get 15% off your first purchaseThis Sounds Serious – get season two wherever you get your podcasts

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