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26-Japanese Fairy Tales: Wisdom: Two stories from Japanese folklore

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This week: two folktales from Japan. One is about a humble, happy stone cutter who becomes a power-mad, bitter stone cutter. The other is about, surprise surprise, supernatural occurrences at a Buddhist temple in a remote mountain region.
The creature of the week is...or are...the blue men of the Minch. They are blue, men, and very, very good at writing poetry.
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"Fistful of Dub" by Spinning Merkaba
"Brooks" by Kai Engel
"Byte" by NWMA
"Weathervane" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Teenage Dream" by  Yusuki Tsutsumi
"Thoughtful" by Lee Rosevere
"Under Suspicion" by Lee Rosevere
"XX" by Jahzzar
"Lil Couak Part 1" by Couak Vador
"Paper Napkin" by Blue Dot Sessions

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