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83-Tale of Tales: Skin Deep: Two fairly messed up fairy tales

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The "Tale of Tales" is a very famous, moderately deranged collection of folklore from 16th century Italy. It's by the author Giambattista Basile, a storyteller who traveled the Mediterranean region collecting stories. The collection known as "Tale of Tales" follows a similar framing narrative to "1001 Nights", with the storyteller telling the king stories in a very loosely-connected fashion. I'm not even going to say the titles for today's stories, but they are two of the most famous in the collection and wildly unpredictable. They're gross, violent, weird, and interesting - so, basically like everyday life. The creature is a man...who is a bat. But he's not Batman, because Batman can't handle this little guy's intensity. ----- Sponsors: Find so many awesome books on Audible. Check it out at Check out Myths and Legends on Spotify by going to ----- Music: "Sad Marimba Planet" by Lee Rosevere "Are we Loose Yet?" by Blue Dot Sessions "August (Summer Nights)" by Kai Engel "November Mist" by Blue Dot Sessions "Shiny" by Podington Bear "Yellow Dust" by Rolemusic "Swapping Tubes" by Blue Dot Sessions "In the Back Room" by Blue Dot Sessions "Petaluma" by Blue Dot Sessions

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