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50-Dracula: Bad Blood: Vampires, Vlad the Impaler, and the fictional Dracula

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Dracula isn't a creature from myths, legends, or folklore. The fictional vampire is a product of Bram Stoker. The name, though, stretches back centuries to a prince who ruled the kingdom called Wallachia, which borders the land with which he's most famously associated: Transylvania. We'll be talking all about the pseudo-legendary exploits of the real bloody tyrant, the bizarre rules surrounding fictional vampires, and the inspirations for the most famous vampire novel of all time. If you see your significant other on the roof scraping moss, you should just eat the soup they make you even if it makes you vomit. Sponsors: Stranglers, by Earwolf Stranglers on iTunes: Stranglers site: Casper Mattresses are amazing! Vistaprint: For 50% off holiday cards: and use code MYTHS at checkout New show! Our new show is Career Day. The jobs, lives, and stories of everyday people, every other Tuesday. It's an awesome show and we're really excited about it, so please check it out if it sounds cool. On iTunes: Online: The feed (to copy and paste in any player):   Music: "Watermark" by Blue Dot Sessions  "Independent Film" by Steve Combs "Scalloped" by Blue Dot Sessions "A Calendar Spread" by Blue Dot Sessions "As Nihilism Gives Way to Existentialism" by Nihilore "Support Me in this Moment that I'm About to Lose Heart" by Nihilore "Studie I" by Jahzzar "Aisles" by Jahzzar

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